1.8.8 Store custom data on Entities

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  1. Hey!
    I've been trying to store my own data on Entities using the NBTTagCompound class but when I tried to retrieve the data, it didn't work. So I checked the source code and noticed that it only adds to the NBTTagCompound data that it recognize.
    I used NBT because it was persistent even after reloads/restarts.
    If anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. If you use a newer version of spigot, you can also use PersistentDataContainer
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  3. I know that but I prefer 1.8 PVP + a lot of people play in 1.8
  4. There are several API's you could use, if you want to stay on 1.8, such as https://github.com/tr7zw/Item-NBT-API.
  5. Hi, I need your help, I sent you a message on your profile. If you want, the pay will be high. Thank you again to you;)
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