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  1. Hello,

    There are plugins out there that are store plugins aka things like Buycraft or Enjin, I searched it up on google and nothing that I was interested searched up, I looked over Spigot and there was literally nothing that I could find, I remember seeing one but, I can't find it anymore, anybody know some good ones out there?
    [This is a plugin that is something like Enjin or Buycraft, its just like a store and you have to either have a dedicated server, vps, or a web host to run this.]
  2. MinecraftMarket?
  3. NamelessMC doesn't work of what I've tried

    MinecraftMarket is not like something that you put in a dedicated server
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  4. I recommend buycraft at all times. If you find anything that appears to good so feel free to write to me. :)
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  5. I would love to use BuyCraft, but, I'm sticking with my dedicated server and I just don't wanna make another website =)
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  6. Okay I understand, hope you find something better that suits your needs!
  7. Oh well, Thanks! MinecraftMarket good? I saw it had web integration but I don't know what it means, may you tell me?
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  8. I used MinecraftMarket a long time ago before I discovered buycraft. I see here that it is possible to make a separate page of this, but have no experience how to do it. It is also possible to configure this very good, so it looks like even their own plugin! I think you should check a little more carefully on this! Update me when you know more!
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  9. 4chan


    You can always post in the S&R section if you're willing to pay a bit.

    cough i can do it cough cough
    cough if you want me to zendesk cough cough

    But yeah, best of luck, I recommend S&R.
  10. Myself i use buycraft, and its REALLY REALLY good
  11. i recomended you BuyCraft, have many options available without the need to buy the service
  12. Yep, buycraft is configurable so you can let it look like whatever YOU want, so buycraft is really recommended
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  13. Myself i use buycraft because i dont wanna build a complete site using enjin, and i can add unlimited servers for my bungeecord network, which is very important for a bungee network
  14. If you want i can help you with configuring BuyCraft since i use it aswell
  15. I would love if you do, but, bungeecord?
  16. Also, buycraft is a very limited thing as I seen, you pretty much need to buy... Finally, can you put PEX in bungeecord and all of the servers, put it on the same database even though they have different permissions and it sets a group on whatever groups are available on each server? aka when buycraft runs /pex user <player> group set VIP only Prison and Parkour have it and the others don't so it only runs the commands for those?
  17. Omnivion


    Out of the two, Buycraft or Enjin Shop, each has different features.

    Since I use Stripe, this is a difficult choice for me.

    Enjin handles Stripe through Stripe's own interfaces all the time, where as with Buycraft you need to add a second gateway to use this functionality. Buycraft normally handles Stripe natively, and does not offer support for subscription payments through Stripe, where as Enjin does. Enjin also seems to keep their payment gateways more up-to-date than Buycraft does, and they also accept Braintree. However Buycraft does provide support for more gateways.

    Personally I wish that one of them would add support for us to add our own gateways.

    Buycraft's pricing: (note, this is in GBP, which at the time of making this post converts to $1.44 USD per)

    Enjin's pricing:
  18. How do you mean bungeecord? I've installed BuyCraft in every single server, like hub, skywars, eggwars, and those things, then just add it in buycraft, at the servers tab, just make every server there aswell, so you can add it into 1 subdomain or domain name
  19. Okay, so I use a domain, how would I connect that domain to buycraft as I already connected it to something else, do I need to buy a new domain?