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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Benroyjam, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Hey, I am looking for a store plugin because I have EssentialsX, for some reasons, their signshop is not available, so I am stuck at this rate.

    I am looking for a plugin that follows what EssentialsX Economy have(but doesn't have /buy command, which is urgent need).

    I've tried the following plugins:
    • BossShop
    • BetterShop
    • Shop
    • GUIShop
    Any ideas?
    I will accept the premium plugin, sort of depends on the price.
  2. do you have vault installed? or try iconomy
  3. if you want ingame shops, you can get vault with essentialsX for an economy. EssentialsX also has their own store sign I believe.
  4. I have Vault installed. I tried their sign shop feature, it didn't really work at all.
    I will try iConomy plugin.
    Will be watching this Resource, I've read that the Author have to re-write the whole plugin.
  5. why don't you just use normal Essentials instead of EssentialsX
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  6. Because Essentials is outdated and no longer works. Latest ne is for CB 1.7.9.
  7. the latest version of essentials still works
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  8. Because it's outdated and is not supported anymore. Honestly, I like EssentialsX more. I still have to find store plugin that fit for what I need.
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  9. Hmm thats Odd, Well you should use EssentialsX as its performance is better and updated.
  10. You're probably using this:
    That's the essentials updated by the spigot staff which does have working sign shops and stuff