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    StoryCraft is a theme park server that focuses on own imagination, but also on realistic constructions. At this moment we have just begun building our server and we are still looking for people that can do some jobs. We already have a server with 3GB RAM and we are currently really busy developing our server. Our server runs on Minecraft version 1.8, since a lot of plugins we need to use are not stable on newer version of Minecraft. Our team for the most part is Dutch, but our server will be English to get more players on our server. Don't worry, we can speak English.

    Available jobs:

    • Head Builder
    • Builder
    • (Web) developer
    • Guest Relations

    You can apply on these jobs with the following form:

    Thanks for reading our thread.
    Kind regards, the StoryCraft team.​
  2. you would be better posting in the hiring section of the forum if you're looking for builders and shit
  3. I'm not hiring, I'm recruiting.