Strange block duping issue...

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  1. I use the latest development version of Spigot. I am not sure if this bug is inherent to Minecraft itself, the bukkit code spigot is based off of or Spigot itself

    What happens sometimes is someone will place a block and the block does not get removed from their inventory and they are able to place it as many times as they want until they relog. The blocks placed are not ghost blocks. The person is able to mine them and pick them all back up again.

    These are my current plugins:

    09:56:55 [INFO] Plugins (67): FireWorkArrows, Buycraft, Vault, dynmap, NeedTown,
    CombatLog, TeleportSuite, OpenInv, ProtocolLib, Votifier, mcMMO, PwnFilter, Cit
    izens, LinksOnSigns, NoMoreHunger, WorldEdit, JCVaultListener, NoCheatPlus, Town
    y, uHome, EpicEnchant, TagAPI, NameTags, VanishNoPacket, Stargate, PermissionsEx
    , PlayerHeads, Questioner, More-Mobs, Jail, EasyRules, boosCooldowns, DarkMythos
    , iConomy, CoreProtect, BookRules, Timeismoney, RedstoneClockDetector, ChunkSpaw
    nerLimiter, FirstJoinPlus, FalseBookCore, Herochat, WorldBorder, BlockHat, Sign
    Bank, CommandBook, DisguiseCraft, FalseBookExtra, Dynmap-Towny, MobArena, Blacks
    mith, FalseBookBlock, BattleTracker, FalseBook-IC, LWC, WorldGuard, BattlePunish
    ments, BuyRegion, pvparena, MobDisguisePVPControl, SilkSpawners, ChestShop, WGCu
    stomFlags, DeathTpPlus, WGPlayerDamageFlags, LWC-Economy, ecoCreature

    Has anyone else come across this?

    And I should note all my plugins are up to date.
  2. There is a "Feature" in craftbukkit that lets items have an infinite stack size by being less than 0. Most other sections of code don't handle that feature as gracefully so it eventually gets wiped (like login), but its silly.

    I tried to fix it to make it so negative stack sizes get removed, but they did not accept it, saying they want it to behave that way.

    Basically, some bug caused user to get a busted itemstack, and now it can be used infinitely.
    with this patch:
    That stops it from happening
  3. Thank you for the info - so what you are saying in a nutshell is I am shit out of luck for now?

    Is it possible Spigot can apply your fix?

    There is nothing worse than trying to run a legit server with a stable economy just to have some dude get this bug while placing a diamond block....
  4. md_5 might apply it, but if your seeing this often then you likely have a buggy plugin causing it.
  5. World Guard has an option in the main config to remove infinite stacks

    remove-infinite-stacks: true

    Just a wild guess - could having this set to true some how conflict with Bukkit's stack system? I really have no idea just guessing.

    It's obvious though that having this set to true does not fix the problem