Strange crash on join that I cannot solve

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Zethrus, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Hello there,

    I am looking for some assistance with this crash one of my servers keeps having when a player tries to join the server. This only recently begun today, this being a lobby server, not much changes in terms of blocks/player grief so it is rather strange that this would occur.

    So, on to the details:

    Server version: Spigot 1.12.2 (Latest Build)
    Bungeecord: Yes
    AnimationLib, BlockParticles, LuckPerms, AnimatedScoreboard, PlayerSettings, PlaceholderAPI, AutoBroadcast, PlugMan, WorldBorder, DecoHeads, Interactables, RewardPRO, VisibilityToggle, VoidSpawn, FastAsyncWorldEdit, IPWhitelist, AntiAd, BossBarAPI, NoteBlockAPI, TAB, ViaVersion, Vault, ViaBackwards, ViaRewind, WorldEdit, AnimatedMenu, BlockQuest, PortalCommands, Essentials, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, Fe, SuperLobby, LibsDisguises, Citizens, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsChat, CommandNPC, EssentialsSpawn, UltraCosmetics, HolographicDisplays, LiteBans, ProtectionLib, FurnitureLib, DiceFurniture

    Any pointers on how to solve this issue would be great as my whole network is down at the moment due to this issue.
  2. Have you tried removing a few plugins that have anything to do with joining the server, like maybe disccrd integration or bannerboard etc?
  3. Yep, tried both BannerBoard & DiscordSRV thinking it was that, but nope.
    I haven't even modified any plugins lately, just updated the Spigot build today to whatever the latest 1.12.2 branch was...
  4. Through buildtools, make sure buildtools is also up2date
  5. Yep, I have a system in place updating both build tools and building Spigot nightly via Jenkins for my servers so it's the latest.
  6. And if you rollback to the 1.12.2 build from the day before when it worked, since you said plugins didn't change, and start the server up again the problem goes away?
  7. Looks like any build does it now. I don't understand, lol. In the 6 years knowledge of running servers, I'm stumped.
  8. Then that's not the issue.

    Maybe allocate more memory to the server if you have it?

    Hopefully in the meantime someone with more experience reading crash reports can outdo me and give you the solution to this problem.
  9. Turned out to be Essentials. I had to delete the player data file for myself in plugins/Essentials/userdata as when I would press "back to title" or "respawn" the server would lock up and crash.

  10. Are you using latest EssentialsX or old and deprecated Essentials?
  11. EssentialsX latest dev build was what I was using. Then, ended up using Spigot-Essentials from the Jenkins server since.