Strange error

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  1. We have been using #24 for a long time. I updated to #325 today but the performance was horrible. I hear its from NoCheat. So i downgrade (and the 4 plugins that were updated to work on the update) back to the same #24 we was using.

    The server seems to be working fine, and TPs is perfect. However this error keeps getting spit out.
    Once every min or two.

    Here is full startup:

    Havent seen this error until today.
    md_5 mbaxter
  2. md_5
    I found the cause.
    When ever someone drops there helment it kicks them for "Internal server error"
    and that message appears.

    This happens with other armor i believe too, ill test in a little bit.
  3. I don't think you can downgrade builds once you upgrade. Your players data has been marked with a tag that makes it so it only works on newer builds or youll have these issues.

    The new build is not affecting your performance. It has no major performance degradation changes. Your players behavior is what is affecting the lag. Give it time to settle, or contact plugin authors to fix their issues.