Strange lag

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  1. Hi, i have a problem on my server.
    I don't know why, but there is a bit of lag, this is not depends on internet connection (of the host or of a player), but it is a lag of the server..
    How i can give more info to solve this?
  2. try removing plugins you dont use
  3. also, very dumb question. Im new to this forum and i cant find the option to make a thread anywhere!
  4. I can't, all plugins need to still to make server works well .-.
    There will certainly be another method
  5. Click the "forums" tab in the navbar just below the Spigot logo, choose a section relevant to your question, then click the blue "Post New Thread" button on the right.

    Give us a timings report of about 15 minutes.
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  6. What do you mean for "at least all spces of it" ?
    I saw that sometimes the server reconstructs the blocks broken by the users and brings them back (it's not the anticheat)
  7. The server (machine) specs. CPU, RAM, disk, network, etc.
  8. oh ok:
  9. Those are not specs, those are just numbers to indicate how much resources are used (though I can see ram shouldn't be an issue). Give us a link to the server you're using and where you bought it.

    Also why do you need to use so many url rewriters? to some other redirect website, then to another one, then the image? Just send the direct image url.
  10. Ok, yes sorry..
    I'm using VPS **** * from: ********.it/vps-******
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  11. Thanks. The specs seem fine. However, according to the timings shown earlier (again, assuming those timings are taken during lag) the only thing there is really to blame is the network.

    Please login to your VPS and execute the below command:
    Code (Text):
    curl -s | python -
    Make sure you have python installed though.
    Code (Text):
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python3.6

    This will start a very quick small speedtest. Please copy paste the results here.
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  12. Your download speed seems to be stupidly low compared to your upload. 15 Mbps download is barely anything. I would do a few more speed test, just keep going a few and see if the download speed goes even lower than 15 Mbps, but I'm pretty sure that's what your issue is; terrible download speed and not being able to handle the traffic sent to your server by your players.

    However, to confirm, what is your playercount at the time of lag?
  13. About 10 - 18 (it's a low number, i know).
    But in my opinion this lag happens also with less players (but im not sure).
    I did another test:
  14. Yeah. Judging from the timings report (again, assuming those are taken during the lag!) it seems like its not a CPU nor RAM issue. The only thing that can still make a player lag is a bad network, and the fact that your network wobbles from about 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps doesn't sound good. My dedicated machine for example has a solid 900 Mbps download and 900 Mbps upload usually. With 5 Mbps, you're really not gonna cut it. You'll probably have to get a better host. Would suggest looking into
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  15. Mhm.. should i ask for this problem to my host?
  16. You can always try, but you're gonna need a lot more than 15 Mbps. This either has to be some kind of super critical issue they somehow didn't notice, but I'm doubting that. I think it's just a bad host.
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  17. ok thank you very much, you've been really kind

    I will let you know ^^
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