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Bug Strange Map Corruption like Bug related to Minecraft Maps

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Royaleman, May 18, 2015.

  1. Bug: http://pastebin.com/iY2yMT2q

    Server Info:
    1.7 Protocol Hack 1657/1649

    Screenshot Examples of Situation:
    Logged into server

    Warped to location in same map


    Bug Process:
    When you join the server or warp to an area that contain certain blocks (we believe it is maps), the error shown above occurs. We do not believe it is causing ALOT of lag, but it constantly spams our console very often.

    General Info on our Situation:
    Hello, we have been experiencing this issue recently. Our team has narrowed it down to an issue with Minecraft Maps, but we are not 100% sure, and we don't know how to fix it even if it is related to maps. We used to have a plugin called "Courier" but even when we removed it, the problem was not solved. We are also contacting the dev of Courier to see if it is related to his plugin. [EDIT: Dev has confirmed it is a Spigot issue]

    We would like some clarification if anyone out there understand what this is, what is causing it, and how we can fix it while being not removing the map.

    If you need anymore info just let me know. I can post our plugin list can such but I feel like this issue can only relate to general minecraft/spigot or the courier plugin we were using.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions on our situation :)

    ~ Roy
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  2. Still looking for help on this issue. Anything helps :)
  3. Anyone out there that has any experience with this?
  4. Still looking for assistance with this. Would upgrading to 1.8.5 possibly fix this issue?
  5. I believe this error is generated by a corrupt map. Updating will not fix the issue.

    There is software to fix corrupt maps, an old one (never used it) is called Chunkster. But you'll have to look into that.

    Another way would be to use mcedit (I believe this is more practical when there is just one chunk corrupted), all though I'm not very knowledged about this.
  6. We have already used a program to find corrupted chunks, but it did not find any issues. We used the Minecraft Region Fixer and ran it on all of our worlds, with 0 issues found :/
  7. I know corrupt chunks are possible but are corrupt items?
  8. If there are any maps with different item meta then it could be possible
  9. We finally decided to update to 1.8 to see if the issue would solve itself, and it did. So it was probably a bug with the 1.7 Protocol Hack. And Yes @CreeperAnatomy the bug is basically saying the the map items are corrupt lol
  10. I noticed the map was from net.minecraft, perhaps if there was a plugin to generate maps from org.bukkit?
  11. We were using Courier, it makes letters on maps.