Strange Question Please: Structure I've Not Seen

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  1. Hello,
    I only have a few plugins running. Last night we ran into this nice sized square stone tomb? It used some of the cool looking smooth moss stone and cracked stone. Had iron bars for door, and only one door in. Top floor was above ground, then maybe 4 floors below that directly underneath it, each only able to get to by a staircase in the corner. 2 spawners on each level spitting out a lot of zombies and skeletons. Then, 4 big double chests at the bottom, with some good stuff, but a lot of saddles. Its not a Fortress, and Ive seen the Jungle temple. Not sure where to post this question as I don't have rights to all areas, and I'm not great to all of this.
    These are my plugins, but none of them talk of generating this structure that I saw?:
    Monster Apocalypse
    Blood Moon
    Other than that its a general vanilla server. I'm the only admin with OP, and I didn't create it! Any clue if Blood Moon did this?
  2. Blood Moon does not generate any structure for sure (I use it). The only plugin that is suspicious for generating dungeons there is Monster Apocalypse, as the others surely don't. I've read quickly the plugin's description and it says, under the Features part, that it can rewrite spawns in worlds, probably something to do with custom structures. Take a look at the Monster Apocalypse configuration to see better.
  3. Ignore the post above! I was wrong, Blood Moon is generating these structures. Although I have never seen them, take a look at the configuration:

    enabled: true
    protected: true
    - PLAINS
    - DESERT
    chance: 10
    min-layers: 3
    max-layers: 5
    - ZOMBIE
    spawner-delay: 100
    spawner-count: 6
    spawner-max-mobs: 8
    - BREAD
    - APPLE
    - PORK
    - SADDLE
    - BUCKET
    - STRING
    - COCOA
    min-stack-size: 1
    max-stack-size: 8
    items-per-chest: 12

    If you don't want these structures to be generated, set enabled to false. They are lovely though.