Strange Sleep Bug

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  1. Hello,
    I am experiencing a strange bug on my server. Whenever one player goes to sleep, the player does not enter the bed and instead the time is reset to morning. This also "works" during the day or while there are "monsters nearby".
    The worst part is, that it is completly random, sometimes it happens, sometimes it dosent.
    I have already tried disabling all plugins, but to no result

    Installed plugins:
    Night Vision

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Hey, I believe this is an error with 'Harbor', could you please confirm that you have tried without it installed and that the plugin is the one I am thinking of, which is made by TechToolBox?

    If it is the case, harbor will skip the night if there is at least the percentage set in "values.percent", therefore, if you are the only one online it will automatically skip without waiting for others to sleep. Have a look at your configuration and check the spigotmc page of the resource. You can also try to use the 'debug' setting if you believe it is an internal issue and contact the author.

    Let me know.
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  3. Harbour is most likely not the cause as this issue has existed before the plugin was installed.
  4. I got the same problem! Please tell me if you fix.
  5. Had to do with a permission within essentials.

    To fix: Disallow "essentials.sleepingignored" in your permissions plugin