Strange tallgrass bug

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  1. I am having a very strange bug where every time a chunk loads a tallgrass block, the top block of the tallgrass disappears and leaves me with an ugly looking 1 block high tallgrass bottom block :/

    I honestly have no idea where this bug is a Spigot bug or plugin bug. Here is my plugin list:

    Spigot build: git-Spigot-d2856ae-8f0f4ed

    I hope someone can help!
  2. What version of worldguard are you using? Some of the earlier 1.8 builds were causing weird physics problems in protected areas on my server.
    A screenshot and copy of the server log might be helpful.
  3. I just updated to the last version of WorldGuard on bukkit (6.1) and the bug is still here.

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  4. I just updated both WorldEdit and WorldGuard but the bug is still not gone. Reloads don't seem to cause it either.

    EDIT: So it appears that this is just a client side issue >_<. Me and my friend both have Optifine + GLSL shader mod installed and it somehow doesnt render the top of tallgrass blocks on world load :p
  5. Haha. Well at least you got some updated plugins out of the ordeal. Glad you figured it out.
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