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  1. Recently, a feature from a game called Stellaris caught my eye, and I thought it might be a fun addition to my server. In Stellaris, there are special resources known as "Strategic Resources" that can be claimed, and as long as you have them claimed, give a passive bonus to the faction in control of them, such as 20% extra terraforming speed and the like instead of an actual resource. I thought it might be neat to build special structures that can be occupied by a Towny nation that, as long as it is claimed, gives a configurable passive bonus to every player in the nation, such as +10% mining speed, or possibly generate 1 of resource x per day that can be claimed with a command. Occupied would probably be determined by having one hour in a day (Like 3pm to 4pm) where they all are capturable, and the town that successfully holds them like one would a capture point in Overwatch ends up owning the point until the next special hour.

    Now, as cool as this idea sounds, I'm not sure how I'd implement it. I'm fine with using multiple plugins to do so, however. Any ideas, Spigot community? I briefly looked into ReActions, but I don't have enough experience to say if that would work, or if something else would be better. I also don't mind changing how these 'game mechanics' would work in order to make it feasible.
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  2. Hi, you can try to code with the Denizen scripting engine
  3. I actually do have that installed too. I hadn't thought about that. If no one ends up suggesting relevant plugin(s) that already do this, I might just try that. Thanks!
  4. Fancy to see someone interested in Paradox games here :) I'm currently working on an EU4 based Factions / Towny inspired plugin that includes features such as a map separated in claimable provinces, idea groups, a resources per province and a sophisticated diplomacy system. I don't think it does what you're looking for, though... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I'm doing something similar in a private plugin. I'm just making WG regions and setting a naming scheme so the regions can be found by my plugin. To link the Town and special area, it would have to be controlled by you. Naturally, this is often going to break Towny functionality a bit. The area will be "claimed", but won't have the same protections as Towny provides. You'll need to make sure to provide those protections.
  6. Anyone making a plugin for this to work on a towny server can now use the semi-recently added pretownclaimevent, which would allow you to stop a town from claiming the resource point. Then you could make a sort of capture the flag style scenario where a town's members could take control of the area without having to claim it formally. This would make it something another town could go and take over.

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