Stringer exclusion.

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  1. Hello.
    Basically (please don't discuss whether it's useless or not) I'm testing a Premium resource license system and I obfuscate it with Zelix Klassmaster 10 and Stringer.

    The issue is when I want to add an exclusion to Stringer since the string variable %%_USER_%% shouldn't be encrypted. But the issue is that I can't find a way to exclude that string in Stringer.

    I've read the documents online and couldn't find any solution besides 'filtering'.

    If anyone has experience with it, I would really appreciate your useful reply.

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    Also, you will need to export a proguard map first from zelix and use that map in stringer (since the package name might change depending on your obfuscation)

    Code (Text):
                            <id>Convert Zelix map</id>
                                <commandlineArgs>-classpath ZKM/ZKM.jar com.zelix.ZKMChangeLogConvert ../ZKM_map.txt ../ZKM_proguard_map.txt</commandlineArgs>
  4. Sorry, but I'm a bit confused. Shouldn't it be regex since it's just one string that shouldn't be encrypted? Wouldn't it something be like:
    I've tried it but unfortunately, this doesn't work.

    I've done that already so far.
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    have you changed the mode to filter?
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  6. Yes, of course. I'll try again to be sure about it.
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    Fields can not be excluded unless you use the annotations - you can only exclude a file
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  8. Mhm, and which annotation would I have to use then?
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    You should also not apply it to all strings, for multiple repeating tasks (in my case animations) you want to avoid using stringer
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  10. Gosh, I feel so dumb now. I excluded %%_USER_%% instead of %%__USER__%% (2 underlines).
    It works like a charm now, thank you so much for your great quick help man.