Stripping Down EntityDamageEvent - DamageModifier

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Remove DamageModifier API?

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  1. If you've never used it, that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote. If you as a person think it's better for yourself if it's gone (less bugs), then vote yes, even if you know that someone else might need it. After all that's what these polls are about. How many people need it? How many don't? If the results turn out to be 200 yes/100 no, that only means that a third of the community would be hit if it was deprecated/removed. What the Spigot team concludes out of this is none of our business.
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  2. I voted "no" but honestly it's not hard to make your own damage system which suits your needs.
  3. With all of the data the previous system had it will actually be very hard to get the same data as it won't be included in the event.
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  4. I have always known about the DamageModifier API, but have never utilized it in my work. If it causes great problems in the development of future versions, I think it would be wise to remove it.
  5. I use this on my RPG server to check how much of the damage is being blocked by the armor so that I can have armor stats multiplier and how much damage is being blocked by the shield to have my shield blocking multiplier and also use it for the magic plugin too. It might ruin a lot of RPG server if it gets removed and there is no alternative.
  6. If it is so important try to figure out how it works and how you can fix it's bugs and modify your own server jar.
  7. Well it works as intended. There are no bugs I face.
  8. Then simply add the classes into new versions and fix your own bugs as they come.
  9. How do I do that?
  10. Only use it for getting how much damage armor reduces. My custom enchants have a chance to ignore armor, getting rid of DamageModifier, just means I have to do more math. If having it is such a pain I support removing it. Although I use it a lot for handling my own damage in my RPG plugin.
  11. In my Kit PVP plugin, I use a majority of the methods within the EntityDamageEvent, however never needed to use the DamageModifier API.

    For that reason, I support the removal, especially if it's a pain to maintain.

    @md_5 already has a lot of work on him and his team when updating Spigot, I don't feel that he should need to go through the hassle of maintaining a rarely used API.
  12. I support removing, it's possible to implement around this using various events, for example with damagecause or something like that
  13. I'd like to see you try to get the different damage components without the event :p.
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  14. I don't do damage component thingies usually so I have no idea, but I guess you can check, for example with magic damage, you can on the event of the potion landing
  15. You can't check the damage done by the potion though, as there might be reductions from f.e. armor or other potion effects.

    That's what you're voting for ;)
  16. Well I never needed it and probably never will, + it makes stuff hard on their side
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  18. My plugin OldCombatMechanics uses this API to change the damage reduced by blocking with a shield, as can be seen here. This plugin already has some quite patchy stuff going on as a consequence of lack of API for the stuff it needs to do, removing this API would be a step backwards for it.
  19. Orr, you could accept the changes made by mojang instead of staying at the old system. They worked very hard on it, you know D;.
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  20. They worked very hard on something I do not appreciate. But this is just a matter of opinion and has nothing to do with this thread.