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Hover and click events for chat

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    Strongchat - Hover and click events for chat

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  2. @Redmancometh nice work, you should make an API for hoverchat as it looks like fanciful is no longer working.
  3. I suppose I could do that rather easy since it's not particularly hard to do. I'll work on a basic api tonight or tomorrow..it should only take like 45 min to an hour
  4. Im having troubles, pulling error "ERROR Plugin StrongChat v1.0 has failed to register events for class StrongChat.Listeners because com/massivecraft/factions/FPlayer does not exist."
  5. Haha wow I set it up for the old version of factions forgetting there are other versions of factions. That means factions is enabled, but not the version it wants. I'll set up a fix tomorrow to take care of that. I'll pm you when it's done :)

    EDIT: This if fixed now. Could you please tell me which version of factions you're using? If it's FactionsUUID I'd like to add compatibility, but I believe it uses the FPlayer class as well, so it should now be compatible.

    It will not show the faction for 2.x/MCore factions at the moment, but I can fix that tomorrow. If you continue to get that error, and you are using FactionsUUID please let me know.
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  6. This is a great idea, aspecially the factions part. Always fills up the chat with annoying information, but there was no other way to show it. I do not have a factions server, but if if i would have i would use this plugin for sure!

    Perhaps it would be an idea to add stuff like balance and configure what is and what is not shown.

    I personally use freebungeechat, by lack of another good chat plugin, but i would love this in a bungeecord-version.
  7. I have a bungeecord layer for this plugin I can release, but the only problem is it won't do cross-server messaging. It only sends chat server-to-server (though it preserves mouseovers/etc.)

    I'll probably just add a config to StrongChat and then release the bungee layer as a premium plugin for like $2 when messaging is done.
  8. Uh, i don't understand, this plugin won't support factionUUID & Original Faction 2.X (mcore) ? o: