Spigot Structure Boxes 3.3

A plugin that adds items that turn into a pre-made structure when placed

  1. hello! please add configuration to disable update notifications! it spams to chat very often and annoying me
  2. and in addition /sb reload not reload configs, only full server reload
  3. i have this error every time i try to place the chest.

  4. tbi


    just a bit of a question, but are there any known issues with this plugin and async world edit?

    I know its mentioned its functionality with fawe is broken, was just curious if its the same with awe?
  5. Will Residence be supported in the future?
  6. Throwing into the hat, I would request support for Islands.
  7. eirikh1996 updated Structure Boxes with a new update entry:

    Structure Boxes v3.0

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Thanks for this awesome plugin! :D It's a great addition to the server I'm putting together.

    I do have one question/request:

    Would it be possible to change the item to a playerhead with a specific skin? If not, is this something you are willing to add in a future update?
    I'd love to use a custom skinned Playerhead instead of a chest, as I already have several custom items that are also chests. Just to make it stand out a bit more!
  9. why don't you support FactionsUUID?