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Feature StructureGenerator in NMS needs performance fix

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by bergerkiller, May 12, 2013.

  1. Just profiled my server to see that the StructureGenerator in NMS was creating well over 40K of Long instances in a 20 second timeframe...and nothing was generated AFAIK. It was all garbage collected too in the end.



    I request someone to look at it and perhaps replace it with a LongHashMap, or some other implementation that doesn't use a Map at all. The fact that it showed up almost the same amount as a bug I was checking (which created over 30K entities because of a spawn cancel bug) should give some ideas of why I report this now.
  2. md_5

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    and nothing was generated

  3. md_5
    But..it's true. I joined a fully generated world. Nothing generated. D:

    Unless there is some sort of chunkgen happening when loading chunks.