Struggeling at around 12 players online

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  1. Hey Community,

    I was a silence reader for a long time but now I have a question for you again!

    I lead a Skyblock server which my users love but I have problems with getting more than 10-12 players online when in Germany the most players play minecraft. It's a up and down with my player count but it never really goes over 12.
    As said the most players love my server and are pretty satisfied but because of the concept of Skyblock the most just leave after a few hours/days of playing and will never come back.

    My server is linked in 6 votelists where he goes up everyday because the most of my players vote to get rewards but I don't see a impact of the higher listing...I also created Twitter and Youtube accounts and I advertise in a few forums too.

    So my two questions are: What can I do to bond players with my Skyblock server and what would be good adverstise possibilitys too?
  2. Hmmm... I was in the same situation with my old server before I discovered what was doing wrong. First of all, try to narrow your voting websites down to three main ones, that way when a player does /vote, they arent overwhelmed by all the different links. In addition, you may want to consider some payed advertisement through projectwonderful, etc. In terms of bonding with your players, host fun little events to keep the players interested and also offer the players a little incentive to get their friends on.
    I can continue rambling on but I'm sure nobody wants to hear that ;) Good luck with your server!
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  3. Are you sure that this will help in my situation? In my eyes my players already vote like crazy dudes every day if they play over 15 minutes on the server. Maybe I will remove 2 sites which are actually useless for me ( push doesnt bring any players & can't calculate my uptime which ends in a position on rank 4k...) maybe that will help.
    I will try out projectwonderful, thanks for the hint ;)

    And I would appreaciate if you write somethings more because it really helps to get some advices from other owners ;)
  4. Ok, heres what I got:

    Server Community
    Feel free to ask for suggestions from your playerbase, afterall they are the ones playing on your server right? Start a thread or poll on your website (Assuming you have one), and link it via announcment on your server. This really helped me understand what I was doing wrong, and what the players wanted to see on the server. Also, as stated before, show your community that you are actively involved in the server by interacting with your players and hosting fun events (Since your server is skyblock, may I recomend hosting an occasional game of sky wars?). Make sure your server is friendly and inviting, no one wants to play on a server that is rude.

    This is the most crucial thing and must be done exactly if you want sucess. First of all, it is a worthy investment to buy a professional animated banner, a server icon, and a server logo, as it tells the players that your server is professional and appealing. I would also suggest posting a thread on the minecraftforums under the section "servers". Again, make it look proffessional and also offer the players an inccentive to post on your thread.
    Also, offer the players on your server a small incentive (Cosmetic perk?) to invite their friends to also play on the server.

    Finishing Notes:
    I hope this was a bit more descriptive. If you want, post the ip and I can see if there are any server side problems that are keeping players from staying long on your server. I didn't have a lot of time to write this however it is also important that your server needs to be unique in order to compete with the thousands of other servers, if you don't have money to get a few custom coded plugins comissioned, try theming your server after something popular in the media such as a movie or game. Good luck :)

    [Edit]: Sorry for all grammar mistakes, I wrote this on my iphone
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  5. Thanks again for your great advices, I really apreaciate them. I will try some of them out to improve my server!
  6. No problem, goodluck with your server!
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  7. I've a new question for all of you: Would you rather do a server in a language with a limited area (German) or which is known all over the world (English). The thing is that I run one english and one german server but just the second one is running "good" because I put there more effort in it. But the point why I think about change the main language of the 2 skyblock servers is that I really hate the usercurve (less player until 19 pm then for 2 hours a huge spike) and expect more from a international server (no huge spikes but also no time where nobody plays).
    How do you think about this problem? What would you do?
  8. In the long run, running a server internationaly will attract more players, and (hopefully) bring in a larger playerbase. The only thing I see wrong with this is that most players will be playing from the United States, which have a completely opposite timezone than you. This can have negative affects such as giving the players the impression that you are an innactive owner due to the fact that they are playing when you are most likely asleep. Of course, there are many exceptions and I have seen many servers based in countries like Germany succeed. If you are to choose to host a localized server, you probably would gain quite a bit of player traffic as the amount of German-only servers is pretty low. However, as you mentioned there is going to be a period in the day when your server will be absolutely empty. You didn't mention exactly how many many players you were getting during those two hour spikes but if its 20+ players, I don't see why you cant continue running the server. All in all, I can't give you a definite answer on what to do, but there are pros and cons for eachone.
  9. In this time I get like 10-12 players and this since already 3 weeks. It seems a little bit like that not much players in Germany want to play Skyblock when I look through the serverlists and it's pretty annoying to just have this one time frame where you can meet some players ingame.
    The problem with the time zone is there, it's not huge but it exist, thats why I'm not 100% sure...
  10. I'd recommend you to start with a server which focuses on a smaller target group, but is perfect for them. Your server for example could be the perfect server for german skyblock players, but you'd really have to work for that goal. Once you achieved that you could expand your server to different languages/gamemodes/etc.