Spigot stTitles 3.1.0

Prefixes based on permissions

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    stTitles - Prefixes based on permissions

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  2. @RiotShielder Update for prefixes in a config file. I can't/won't use My SQL. Needs to be a config. Update please? Thanks very much. :)
  3. Versions 1.x.x use flatfile
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  4. @RiotShielder I need your help with installing it, can you make a YouTube video showing how to?
  5. You install it like any other plugin, then edit the config.yml to connect to a MySQL database.

    After that, you need to use a database editor such as phpmyadmin or MySQL Workbench to add rows to the titles table for each title you want to have.
  6. What does st stand for?
  7. Storm
  8. clip


    Hey bro, I know this only works for your chat plugin currently but do you mind if I add a placeholder in PlaceholderAPi to get a players title? Reason i am asking is because i am unsure of you only want it to work with your chat formatting plugin or if you dont mind it working with others.
  9. Yeah I'm fine if it works with others. I'll PM you on how to pull the data later today
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