STUCK!! Featherboard cut off.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Turtle1235, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. I'll make this short.

    Basically, I updated my server from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 and the Featherboard just completely cut off and I don't have a clue on how to fix it.


    That's what it looks like now.
  2. Pace

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    I recommend using 1.8.8. And ViaVersion for people with higher version to join. Or you can use 1.17 or 1.16.5.

    I wouldn't recommend 1.13.2, I doubt anyone even uses that version tbh.
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  3. Scoreboard on <1.12.2 has a character limit and Featherboard has no support for this!

    Use this instead and enable force-legacy feature in config
  4. Maximvdw


    use the latest protocolsupport to fix this, or update to FeatherBoard 5