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    My kitpvp server, PvpFest, was recently migrated to Staminus Communications where most of my servers are. I ordered 10gbps, 1mpps protection for it. However, SecurePort was blocking about half my players from connection to the server. So I immediately asked them to disable my SecurePort and they did. However, right after my SecurePort was disabled, I received repeated 100k PPS-700k PPS DDoS attacks (as always...) and the server was null routed of course. I don't really know what to do. Disabling Netty might help SecurePorts false positives issues. But I couldn't find a way to do that. Anyone know how? Editing the startup script didn't work

    Staminus Communication's DDoS protection is not meant for Minecraft servers
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    Yes, I agree it is very disappointing to see them blaming it on the software, I hope it will be fixed soon - already alerted them to the issue. If you can give me your server / account number (PM), I can shout on your behalf.
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  3. Ive heard they have had this issue for a while, and have been trying to fix it for a while to, but still not fixed.. D: They were working on fixing it for a friends server, and it wasn't allowing me to join, about a week ago.
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    ive never had a issue with it personally, but I have noticed people getting blocked who had large animal farms or had made a massive nether portal pigmen farm when I had a dedicated secureport from them. Now im on the shared protection, havent really been able to check since there is no list
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  5. I (I think) am the person whom Malo is referring To.
    I am with Staminus, and am getting Hundreds of false positive blocks from my firewall.

    I have also had to result in removing my staminus firewall for the time being until this issue has been resolved.
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    Maybe they'll fix it if we spam them with emergency tickets.
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  7. I doubt there is a need for spamming emergency tickets, just one per person who is affected by this would be sufficient
  8. they know about this issue already, its the matter of if they can fix it..
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    Glad I am not impulsive, hope this gets worked out. :(
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    This is driving me nuts. I have no where else to go because Javapipe is out of stock and Black Lotus is a flat out scam from previous experience. Perhaps Verisign or Prolexic would offer effective mitigation for gaming servers?
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    just ask them to remove the blocks
  12. Never thought i would say this, but assetgateway seems like the most stable protection right now, although I will be moving off it soon.

    Also, ive heard that staminus also has an issue with detecting the ddos size, i heard that someone was hit with 1.5gbps and on staminus it showed 5gbps and got nullrouted.
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  13. The same Asset that exposed your backend IP? Yeah...
  14. Well, i don't think that would happen again as they had just had someone quit and giveaway the passwords before they changed them.. Doubt that will happen again.

    + The guy who had them had 1 incorrect one.
  15. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to clear up some facts about what is going on.

    CollinPotato & alex_markey - As we have explained multiple times before, the problem is ONLY with Windows Clients using Netty. None of our Linux clients (which is the majority) run into this problem. Netty sends over 1 thousand packets per second per person to and from your server. You are practically DDoSing your server by using Netty. That is why performance on Windows Servers is so much lower in comparison to servers running Linux. We can loosen security settings so that no false positives occur, BUT you are opening yourself up to DDoS attacks since the security is so much looser!

    We host the largest Minecraft server communities in the world such as Uberminecraft and Shotbow Network. They do not have problems with this because they do not run Windows. At the very least you only have to host your HUB server with Linux. As we offered before, we would be more than happy to help you switch over to Linux and / or we can even install a application such as Multicraft so you can easily manage your server without having to know much about Linux. (We will offer this service to ALL clients that need help switching over!) We have had past customers switch over from Windows to Linux and they have experienced a HUGE increase in performance in addition to remove all problems with false positives.

    If you are interested in getting the most out of your server you should be switching to Linux. With or without DDoS Protection, by deciding not to switch you are actively deciding to decrease your servers overall performance.

    P.S. Collin - It is hard for us to help you if you don't respond to your tickets regarding this issue. We are actively trying to help resolve this issue, but you have not responded to your ticket regarding Netty issues in over 3 days!

    PhanaticD - As far as I can tell you are not receiving any false positives blocks.

    Malo - We do NOT have a problem where DDoS reporting is reporting larger numbers than what a client is actually getting. I am not sure who you heard this from as it is false.

    If any of you have any additional questions I will be more than happy to answer them!

    Best Regards
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  16. gg.
  17. Good to know. But I have heard lavacraft has switched to linux, and is still have major issues.
  18. Good to see you post here Bryant, it's appreciated. :)
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  19. Malo - Lavacraft has not switched to Linux yet. We are still in the processing of getting that setup.