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Do cool server IPs make the server better?

  1. Yes!

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  2. No!

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  1. Everybody who owns a server needs a cool ip for it! like

    But where would you get one?

    You can always buy one from knows websites for X amount of money OR you can get it for Free.

    The firstly way! Free stuff!

    The most popular of Free domains are * ones, but you can also get a *.tk domain for free. But if you really want a you can get it from

    The second way! Buy it!

    But when is not something you want you can always buy one, ofcourse some domain names cost more than others, and I'm sure that costs a bit too much for you.

    But there is a third way of doing this! Renting!

    Yes! You can rent domains for some reason, well having a cool domain that everybody wants is pretty nice.

    I hope that you got a tad bit smarter with subdomains and so on. Please do reply to this thread with everything that comes to your mind with free domains!
  2. I wouldn't recommend getting free domains/ second level domains. Its quite unprofessional looking (though better than IP addresses I guess). Just buy a paid domain for a couple bucks a month.
  3. Ferx


    It's like $10-20 p/year for a domain. Sometimes less... If you don't have that kind of money and aren't willing to earn it to spend on a domain then I question your drive to make a server and where it'll end up?

    Uh not sure what exactly this thread is trying to get at, but I'd buy your domains. I recommend Namecheap.

    I don't think new "TLDs" are worth it tbh, you'd have more success if you stick with the old ones I think :)
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  4. More people tend to look for .com or .net than .network :p
  5. Well yeah, domains don't cost anything these days, but I've seen loads of people who are not willing to pay anything for it. If people are willing to pay that "price" there wouldn't be all these free ip services.
  6. Free second level domains have been around for a while. Also they are free, so they don't make any money.
  7. First of all, I think enough of the spigot community knows about what a domain is, you can go tell kids starting a server at MCForums tho.
    and since when tf do you rent domains (Besides the yearly cost)

    Domains *usually* don't make a server 'cooler'. It's just easier to remember and looks more professional.
  8. Never, ever use *.tk domains.