Bungee - Proxy SubServers 2 2.17a

The Server Management Platform

  1. Will that allow Multiple bungeecord servers working with subservers?
  2. It's goal is simply to sync the dynamic server library on other bungeecord instances and be able to control subservers. (in short, yes)

    It should be at the end, like this:
    Code (Text):
    java -Xmx1024M -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true -jar Spigot.jar --IReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear
    You can also try this I suppose:
    Code (Text):
    java -Xmx1024M -DIReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true -jar Spigot.jar
    If it doesn't work like that you may be out of luck
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  3. looking forward to it!
  4. hey, I Have an error while using the
    Code (Text):
    java -Xmx1024M -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -Dcom.mojang.eula.agree=true -jar Spigot.jar --IReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear
  5. This I cannot help you with. That is how they themselves said to use the argument, so if it does not work or does nothing they won't fix it for you because your on an older version. You can report it to them if it happens in the new versions for future updates though.
  6. Hello, how can I create servers with a template (example: I wanna create a Skywars04 with the template Skywars)

  7. can i have a better explanation of what this plugin does?
  8. You can create servers within servers.
    -> Server1
    -> Server2
    etc etc
    You can also use templates for such minigames or so
  9. so it will be in the same file as bungee cord?
  10. Each server gets its own directory within the main directory of BungeeCord: http://prntscr.com/fa4c68
  11. ME1312 updated SubServers 2 with a new update entry:

    SubCreator Templates Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. How is it possible to change the "SubServers" prefix please?
  13. Hello sir, Im curious to know what is "auto-restart:" on config? :)
  14. With this option enabled, SubServers 2 will attempt restarting your subserver if it was stopped unexpectedly.
  15. Awesome! I like it
  16. I want to switch to subservers but I have a few questions and concerns before I start:

    1. Does it support symlinks? I have all plugin .jar files in a single directory and symlinked it to all servers. so this means I dont have to update the plugins on all servers one by one when there is an update and also uses less resources and storage. but the question is, can I define in the config where to look for the files and plugins and create a symlink folder for plugins instead of creating a plugins folder?
      I do the same for Spigot.jar its symlinked to all servers rather than being copied to each server one by one. can we define where my main plugins folder is so it reads them from there?

    2. I have currently setup many servers in bungeecord config. is there a way to import the configurations to the subservers without manually configuring servers from scratch? any way to import the things without moving server files and folders?

    3. At some point, if this plugin gets abandoned (which is a possibility for any plugin) is there any way to revert back to bungeecord? any script or have to do it manually with pain?

    4. Is it possible to access console of each server separately in a screen session?

    5. Is there a possibility that one day there will be a web-interface to control all bungee and servers from web or an app? any future development ideas?
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  17. 1. SubServers itself doesn't support any kind of directory syncing at this time. However, in your case I believe what your trying to accomplish could be done by setting spigot's --plugins flag to a directory accessible by all your servers.

    2. The only thing you'd have to do manually is the configuration, where your files are placed isn't really an issue. Also, servers that you don't plan to turn into subservers can stay in bungee's own config.yml.

    3. SubServers hasn't really ever been that dependent on minecraft's code in the first place, so unless md_5 changes something with the bungeecord or spigot apis you'd still be able to use it way past the recommended version. Reverting from subservers is pretty much all configuration again, similar to #2, so I'd suggest backup that bungee config if your worried about something.

    4. If you choose to launch your servers with the screen command, you'd probably be able to latch on to them just fine.

    5. I've been working on it in secret up until now, but yes, it's on my stack of things to create. (Possible via SubData WebDirect)

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  18. I like Web-interface feature so exciting to use it :)
    Also, is there a possible way to separate the SubServers 2 Consoles & FTP files under hosting environment?
    Thank you for your hard works.
  19. Hi,

    Will this work on CentOS 6?

  20. Web server is cool but unsecure. without a proper encryption it will be easily for hackers to get access to it.
    I'd rather have a simple android/ios app that can send me push notifications about the important server status like ram usage and downtime or if server restarts etc... than having to open a browser and check it every 5 minutes to see if a server is down or something.

    Also, as for the sub-servers thing, it creates the folders of sub servers inside the bungeecord folder. actually, I have a seperate users (accounts) for each server. meaning that for example Hub have a different account than creative and if you ssh and login as hub user, you won't be able to access the file and folder of other users like creative and minigames etc...
    With this setup, if I set the sub-server folder as for example "/home/server/hub/lobby" it won't be able to access that folder because bungeecord server is a user who only have access to "/home/server/bungee" and it fails to do this.

    The reason I created seperate accounts for each server is clearly (security) so for example if I give console/FTP access to a developer to look into creative server for example, he can only see the files and plugins for creative server not anything else on the server. but with sub-servers setup it seems that it needs access to all folders of servers (read and write) which doesn't work with my setup.
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