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  1. Well it is happening to me. upload_2019-1-6_14-59-27.png
  2. Unfortunately, my active investigation in this issue is probably going to stop here for now. As far as I can tell, the issue pertaining to log messages (and their relationship to the child processes) has been resolved, but you seem to be having some other problem as well.

    Unless the issue decides to show itself in the testing environment or you somehow find the cause on your own, the best I can do at this point is keep an eye out for anything suspicious as SubServers continues to be developed. Although, at this point there isn't really anything to suggest SubServers is behind the spiking since VisualVM would have caught that no problem.
  3. Okay. I do appreciate the effort you have given me thus far. If you got any other possible methods I could try to locate the issue please let me know.
    Thanks again.
  4. I would like to use the restart script in the spigot.yml file.
    Would I use the following (which is located in SubServers/config.yml) in the script or just do a simple java -jar script?

    Executable: java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -Dorg.bukkit.craftbukkit.libs.jline.terminal=unix
    -Djansi.passthrough=true -jar Spigot.jar
  5. Restarting in this way is not compatible with SubServers because of the way spigot launches the process. If you are looking for auto restart functionality, have a look at the Stop-Action config option
  6. These are byte arrays. From the second screenshot I can see that it is likely that it was created by netty, one of BungeeCord’s imported libraries. From the first screenshot I can surmise that since many of those share the same size, they probably have the same creator and hold hold the same content. As for why those aren’t being reclaimed by the garbage collector, I can’t say for sure.

    As for how this relates to SubServers: well, it doesn’t really. Netty is used for handling player connections; a job that SubServers.Bungee lets BungeeCord have 100% of the reigns of.
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  7. So this is BungeeCord.jar then. And try an update and see if fix? If not contact Bungeecord devs with this?
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