Bungee - Proxy SubServers 2 2.16a

The Server Management Platform

  1. Has anyone experience with SubServers? I can't figure it out at all.
    EDIT: SubServers.bungee has fairly simple, but what then? Is this supposed to start the default lobby server by itself? Or do I have to create a server with subservers.host installed?
  2. SubServers.Bungee includes a virtual (or built-in) version of host for ease-of-use reasons. SubServers.Host is intended for allowing SubServers.Bungee to manage servers on other machines, although some people use it just to distance the hosting functionality from BungeeCord. This article goes over some typical uses of SubServers as your network grows.
  3. So if I just want my bungee instance to handle all the subservers (along with the SubAPI for my custom plugins I guess), I don't need anything else?
  4. Yeah
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    The Power Management Update

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