Successful owners, what caused your success

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  1. I'm mainly speaking to people who are currently successful with their server, please include your average peak player count, and server age if you don't mind.
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  2. He is my story that is no more, back about a year ago when spigot what young I ran a few servers called Year4000. Each server had its own type of playing style basic SMP, creative and Factions/Chaos. What made Year4000 unique was the system that I created. Cross server chat using IRC and Share the same ranks on any server that we ran. This was all ran by our member system. Our servers were also whitelisted. heir where about 20-50 player on at a time per server. Advertisement was key I don't think this could of happen with out that. This was all by an accident all I wanted to do was play Minecraft and use my programing skills at the same time. We even had enough donations to keep the server running without any payment required from me. This all changed because I did not have off site backups. The host that I used disappeared out of thin air. The box ran everything from the Minecraft server, The website, and even our teamspeak server. When the host disappeared I lost everything and school at that time, needed my full attention and could not recreate everything fast enough before we lost our members.
  3. I have the weirdest frkin story ever. Okay, so my friend introduced me to minecraft maybe 2 years ago. Here I fell in love with the game. From here I started a single player world and not long after got sick of it. I hated the long process of mining and the slow sluggish building. My friend then showed me that you can install mods, from here I went completely nuts, I downloaded SPC, MoCreatures, Wireless Redstone, and so much more. I now didn't have to worry about dying and gathering blocks. Now again I built a house, this time using the elevator mod, and some fancy redstone, to make a 3 level elevator. At one point I was like, "This is pretty cool but I am very lonly" So I went on, downloaded a server.jar thing and opened a crappy home-hosted server for me and my friend. And as all home-hosted servers go my friend got sick of the lag. Then I ran into Nodus, it looked very cool, it has the AIMBOT!!!, and I downloaded it. At the time there was an IRC on nodus so I was like, "Join my server and you can grief it!" As the players joined I opped them one by one and I had a blast!

    Once again limited by my damn laptop the server laged A LOT! and ops can do /stop :p. I really liked hosting the serevr and being a power whore :D I made a minecraft server on some crappy host for $2.50/month and went to work on making a server, first discovering bukkit and installing a faction plugin and an infinite items plugin. This idea was very weird and the worst part of it all HACKS ALLOWED :confused:

    I spammed the Nodus IRC very often begging players to join and eventually built a player base of maybe 1-5 average players. This grew and I upgraded hosts. I ended up switching hosts every month :O I then built a very crappy website on and started doing the daily bump on planet minecraft. At this point I had maybe 15 average active players, all hackers :p After that I fell in love with redstone I joined mcschematics and soon met my rivalry dicotheredstoner. I made redstone 12 hour clocks and he made piston doors. After one of the builds on my server was greifed I went on looking for a safer method to build stuff.

    I stumbled upon a plots plugin, very robust and buggy. I used it anyway. At some point a player recommended PlotMe as my plot plugin. I instantly downloaded it and allowed WorldEdit to all my players. But PlotMe WorldEdit is absolute CRAP. Players found exploits and greifed maybe 10 of my spawns, each built by me. It made me very made, but I found some of the exploits and made it so my spawn would never be greifed again. I was very wrong, this battle continued on for 4 months...

    As I was browsing for random plugins to install I fell on buycraft, it looked so cool to have other people pay your bills! I made a Paypal account and set it up. It was a big disappointment when I only made $2.50 the first month. From here I looked at other servers learning their methods and improving my own. Next month I made $30. I was really happy for such a small goal :D. I then continued on to improve my sales month by month.

    I then started to run into the problem of CPU power, my current host (I forget who) oversells a lot and my server started to lag again. I then went back into host jumping and landed on shadyshosting. The owner set me up with a server for $75 per month. (VPS 20gb ram 4x E3-1230) This lasted for a long time until, yet again, the server started to lag. ShadysHosting bumped up my prices and I left. I then landed on intrepid. They gave me a good deal on a server and I took it.

    At this point I did not have to worry about lag so I started about on making the server my own. I improved my donation perks and I finally got a developer . I then pitched him the idea of a safer way to WorldEdit, he made the plugin and it made me a frkin boss! Asyncworldedit made me the only server to offer 100,000 block worldedit when you join! I went about advertising this and gained A LOT of players.

    One day the developer got lazy or something and gave my favorite plugin to a guy named edawg878 for him to develop. Appears this guy has a creative plots server with worldedit too! I joined the server and I hated it (personal opinion) The WorldEdit sucks (Super slow) and you have to vote for it. At this point I finally had an idea, to make my server the only hassle free WorldEdit server.

    From then I have been working more on donation perks. Bringin back the portal gun plugin!