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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Indyuce, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. @Indyuce Could you renamed The Bandage. in your plugin to "Tourniquet" It would make more sense to be fair. And bandages only heal small wounds if a player is bleeding badly and was going to bleed to death they would need a Tourniquet to stop it. Plus your recipe kind of follows this it feels like. You should also make a 2x2 variant of the same recipe just encase players need a 2x2 version of the same recipe perhaps make the 2x2 recipe require 4 materials just because the Crafting table's version of the recipe is more "refined"
    Just some brainstorming ideas :D

    Also what is realistic pickup and what is default-spawn-coef:?

    Edit: I think your plugin May or may not be compatible with:

    "Elite Mobs" elite mobs keep "Merging with your mobs" and combining there powers when merging and causing issues like being nearly OP xD Idk if you can add compatibility for this to not happen if possible.
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  2. How does this "Magma" Shield work for wither skeletons, magma cubes and blazes?

    Without me knowing and with the 3 hrs of testing with a few server members. It always 1 shots players in chainmail armour?
    If i was to balance the default(weakest) difficulty of the plugin i would make it do this:

    30% chance magma shield reflects 25% the damage done to it (the shield) back to the player hitting it. (the mob still receives 0 dmg)
    33% chance magma shield absorbs all damage and does no damage back to the player or mob its protecting.
    30% chance magma shield sets player hitting the mob on fire instead of any of the above. (the mob still receives 0 dmg)
    7% chance magma shield reflects the full damage done to it back to the player or entity attacking it. (mob only recieves half 1/2 heart of damage).
  3. I don't really understand what you want to do with the bleeding system...

    There's no option to display your hp bar on the action bar/scoreboard but I might be able to make a simple PAPI placeholder that would display the time left before they die... That sounds pretty funny lol
    There's an option to control how much damage the player takes each second from bleeding.
  4. I am asking for the Bleeding To have a indicator like all other things in vanilla do by default, hunger meter, health bar, saturation, bubble meter etc....
    Players prefer to know how much time they have before they bleed out depending on how bad the bleeding injury is. I was asking for a "Bleed Out Meter" If this is some how not clear from now what was said. But Having a bleed out meter would be nice to see how much time you have before it becomes to fatal. (I dont want a HP bar on the action bar or scoreboard lol. A bleed Meter shown as these lines |||||||||||| and slowly going down with the words above it "Bleed out time" would be kind of nice.

    Also i changed the dmg for bleeding out but i wouldn't mind if you did add diff types of injures that made worse bleedouts :3

    Also what about the "Tourniquet" renaming of your item since that's actually what it is and not a "bandage" lol.
  5. I'll check that later.. it does sound like a bug

    Yeah that sounds cool, I'll work on that bleeding time bar.

    If Realistic Pickup is enabled, players must look at the ground and sneak to pick up any item. This sometimes confuses players, so make sure you inform them at the beginning.
    You can check out the wiki to see how the "default-spawn-coef" can be used. It is used to calculate the chance of any custom mob from SuddenDeath to spawn instead of a normal vanilla mob. Hope I was clear enough :x

    I'll also add a 2x2 crafting recipe for the bandage. Since you can translate the bandage name in the language file, I don't think changing the default name is very important.

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