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  1. Ok so first I have launch server, MAJOR LAGS/crash I deleted whole bunch of plugins and TPS was normal 19+ TPS. Now I was adding each day few plugins and testing it for 24 hours (i have average of 20-40 players online) Now last plugins I added were CCLOGGER and LOGBLOCK. Then today server was running fine for 18hours then suddenly on event (maybe it has to do when lots of ppl are on same chunks?) Server crashed and is lagging since that crash. No errors on console (just factionsplus death event message which shows since forever)
    Here is timings:
    Please help me, point to me what is causing problems? I tried butchering all entities but that's not fixing it.
    I also disabled cclogger and logblock which i enabled that day even tho server was running fine for 18 hours so nothing makes sense to me anymore what has triggered the lag and what is causing the lag? Please help <3
  2. Do you have ClearLag installed? I'm not really fluent in reading timings reports, but you may have an excess of entities.
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  3. *ThumbsUpForYourComment* You're right

    An tip by me: spigot.goto spigot.yml and decrease the tracking-range ;)
    37% Tracker is not normal anymore... :D

    I recommen ChunkSpawnLimiter or something else to limit youre mobs
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    Remove your tile entities - Mainly signs. There is a lot of them somewhere, causing lag.
  5. A lot of entities, I recommend using spigot.yml or Bukkit.yml (I forget) to limit entities in a chunk as well which reduces mob entities. As said above though, probably signs and itemframes are the case.
  6. I actually increased tracking ranges :O I will lower them now, btw I already have chunkspawnlimiter limited to 100 monsters in chunk and 50 animals.

    I already have /butcher and /butcher -a (kills all animals and zombies every 15min) But i'll install clearlagg too.

    This is interesting, I do have a lot of signs in my spawn, however I don't see why would they lag because they're just standing there like blocks? Most of those signs are Tutorial/shop signs?
  7. I mean it says average entities:
    683.71 That's not even a lot of entities right? So why are they causing problems?
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  9. entityTick is using a lot. Like I've already said, make the mob limit per chunk less on spigot.yml/Bukkit.yml