Sudden Error, No One Can Log In

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Gliwidilt, May 8, 2017.

  1. So I have a private Minecraft server, just for me and my friends and we're using Spigot 1.8.8. Everything was running normally yesterday and the server has been in use for five years (first with Bukkit then Spigot). But suddenly today it won't work! My internet connection is okay, my port forwarding is okay, the server process itself isn't experiencing any problems and everything that has happened in the past I've already checked and it's all okay. The only odd thing is my IP suddenly became static, even after I restart my router. Usually the IP address changed after I restarted my router, but now it's just the same and no one can log in! Is this an issue with Spigot? Or what? I'm totally confused. Please, anything you know would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. can your friends see the server in their list with they ping it or are they physically unable to connect, if they cant ping the server its probably not something on the server itself but rather a change between them and it, for example your ip changing(if it isnt static) a router configuration change, the servers internal ip changing etc

    if they can ping and simply cant join do you get any messages or errors in console when they try joining and if so can you post them for us to see(removiong ips if they are there)
  3. My friends can't see the server in their list when they ping it. My IP did change, it was dynamic before. I just called my ISP, they changed my IP to static. Does that affect anything? The server's internal IP is the IPv4 in the CMD on Windows right? If yes, then it hasn't changed.
  4. its probably due to your ip changing make sure the ip theyre using to join is the new one assigned by the isp not the old one
  5. I have, but it still won't work. Is there a difference between port forwarding dynamic and static IPs??
  6. hmm it could be your isp blocking certain ports, i know alot of isp's dont like you hosting your own mail servers and things like that unless you have business plans with them, id try remaking all of your portforwarding rules and see if that resolves it, if it doesnt maybe ring the isp and ask if they block certain ports