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  1. As you guys can see be the title i am wondering if there are any Working title plugins mainly for suffixes with perms for each.
  2. Yes
  3. This one has a permission to let the user set their own suffix, but if you're looking for them to select one from a predefined list, you might have to look into getting a custom plugin.
    The first comment in this thread might also be of interest.
  4. Thanks for sending this because that may be used as a decent donor feature but it has to be from a predefined list with permissions per suffix, i will contact my developer and see if he will make such a plugin.
  5. Oh, then DeluxeTags will do this.
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  6. Thanks for your assistance i will check this out soon, but as you're online do you know if it works in chat?

    EDIT: Because i have heard people say it is only for the username above playerheads and the tablist.