Sugar cane grows very slow

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Backstabber010, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. More information would be nice such as which version you are playing on.

    What many people think is that sugar cane grows faster on sand than on dirt but that's not true. It's exactly the same on both blocks.
    Also bone meal does not work on it so that's not possible either.

    The only thing that really affects this is the quantitiy. As soon as one sugar cane grows, punch it down and plant it as a new crop. Just multiply your crops with that. That's the fastest thing you can get.
  2. Its 1.14.4, im using plugins like worldguard, worldedit, mcmmo, essentials,
  3. set the tick speed higher with /gamerule
  4. Well I think everything is possible by using plugins or mods.

    To summarize:
    When using vanilla, you can't really do anything besides increasing your quantity. You can also change the tickspeed but that has some side effects too.
    When using bukkit/spigot/forge, you can always use a plugin or mods. There are dozens that can help you with that.