Suggestions for a new Survival Server [Poll Included]

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Would you play on a Minecraft server like this?

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  1. Of course! Sounds like fun.

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  2. I'd give it a try.

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  3. Sorry, it doesn't seem like my cup-of-tea.

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  1. I'm planning on making a new Minecraft 1.13 survival server. I know unique servers are hard to come by these days, as a lot of concepts are heavily used or out of style. So, what my current layout is based on are the following..

    • Protection Stone based land claiming and town creation. There are many types of protection stones with various effects it has on the environment is protects.
    • Town-based jobs that is funded by the town's bank.
    • Hire Villager NPCs to do farming for your town.
    • Biome Portals to make adventuring more simple.
    • Custom Items with variable stats.
    • Additional worlds with higher difficult mobs that use the previously mentioned custom items.
    • Scrolls with magic spells
    • Auctions at Spawn

    All of the above mentioned features are provided through plugins that I wrote. What I'm asking from the Spigot community, is that I get some critique and other input that could possibly make the server more inviting, provide long-term interest, and have a great potential to attract a friendly & large community.

    If anyone has additional suggestions, I'm quite open to them.
  2. That sounds like a really cool server, nice ideas. Hiring NPC's to do your farming sounds like a must of a survival server now. Good luck with it!
  3. Some of my acquaintances suggested that semi-vanilla's simpleness is better than more complicated servers with a learning curve. Can anyone here share an opinion on that opinion?
  4. I voted: i'd give it a try.

    Why not! you do what you do, just like everybody else doing what they do.. If it works: it works.