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  1. Soooo i'm working on a premium lobby plugin i would like a few suggestions for the plugin
    So far i added:
    - game selector
    - lobby selector
    - basic commands like /setlobby and /lobby

    I'm working on:
    - a simple rock paper scissors minigame
    - pets
    - cosmetics

    I might also add parkour
  2. Andre_601


    This isn't the right category.
    The category is for feedback and suggestions towards Spigot (The Forum and/or software).

    The category you want to use is Spigot Plugin Development
  3. Please check before writing a post. This category is for bug reports and comments on SpigotMC. This is not a category asking for your plugin opinion...
  4. Your message is a little bit confusing. You wrote the wrong category in the last field, which can confuse OP
  5. Andre_601


    The post originally was in Suggestions & Feedback of the Spigot category but has been moved.
    My message is perfectly fine.
  6. Oh, my bad. So just to clarify, it's perfectly fine to ask for suggestions in this forum?
  7. I recommend possibly some crates where you can earn cosmetics are a shop. You could make it so you can earn cosmetics with various achievements. For example, let's say you have a Skyblock server, and you want the player to get a Skyblock-themed hat if they complete the tutorial quests or smth. I've never really seen something like that before, but I think you would have to make one plugin for the cosmetics and another plugin on the Skyblock server that handles the Quest API.

    Note: This is probably not the best way to go about doing it, and I don't even know if you can do something like that.
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  8. That's a subforum for suggestions and feedback relating the the Spigot forums themselves, not for community-made plugins. It's mentioned in the pinned thread "Reminder: What this section is not for."
    Here is fine because it's related to the development of their plugin, not Spigot itself.
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