Bukkit SunLight-Core - Essentials | 1.13 - 1.14 1.1.3

Lightweight essentials plugin with the most useful things.

  1. still the same
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  3. Hey, what's the permission for "custom-text"
  4. core.ctext.<filename>
  5. The last question, how to disable cmd-delay?

    I give permission but not working:
    - core.ctext.pomoc

    from custom_text:
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  6. Hello, I still have the same problem using MySQL
  7. SunLight-Core don't good linked with vault, i can't use towny plugins for claim chunck.

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  8. In chat settings

    I was wrong: core.cmd.ctext.pomoc

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    Send startup log
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  10. The last question, how to disable cmd-delay?
    In chat settings

    Which option is it?

    # Delay in seconds between the chat messages.
    chat-delay: 2
    # The same, but for commands.
    cmd-delay: 0
    # Message/Command similarity percent to be blocked.
    percentage: 75
    # Command whitelist.
  11. You already disabled it
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  12. Are you working with a team or something? all these many features are great and polished, with exception of a few typos. I'm amazed
  13. Suggestions:
    - Player designation (@Nick)
    - Teleport time (/spawn, /home)
    - sorting the ranks on the tablist
    - HP over the player's head / monster
    - Modules with Cleaning the item from the ground