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  1. Everyday I open eclipse and just stare at my projects, I wanna make something but I have no idea on what I wanna make. I'm currently not working for any servers so I don't have a list on what I need to make :/. Any ideas?
  2. You could make a program which stares at your projects for you so you don't have to do it yourself.
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  3. Good idea! I'll start now -.-
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  5. Learn how to make ios apps! Or Android if you don't have a Mac.

    Remake essentials

    Remake spigot

    Build a PC

    Do my homework because I get way too much

    Do my finals and regents

    Learn Swift and make a plugin that lets you write in Swift because it's so amazing

    Take cs50 on iTunes U

    Make a premium plugin that is a remake of another-- just kidding be original

    Read a book

    There is so much you can do... I always keep myself busy with something. Right now fully making an iOS app and working on my plugins and reading some book on iBooks and doing all my homework and studying for my regents and doing soccer. There is so much stuff to do. TI: especially don't waste your time developing for a server because it is a waste of time unless it actually has players. I tried for 4 servers and they all died so don't do that!
  6. I do have a mac! And I just downloaded xcode.. #Confusedmodeactivate
  7. I saw lmao!
  8. Progressive asynchronous live GUIs (Bukkit/Spigot).
    That's what I'm doing when I have nothing else to do (i.e. never) =)
  9. savage
  10. Real men also do GUI updates asynchronously.
  11. If you were a real man, you'd run your whole plugin in another Thread.