Spigot Super Build Battle 12.5

BuildBattle minigame

  1. ┬┐Guide for install? Please
  2. Hi!
    We will prepare a detailed guide, but it is very easy. You just have to use the /bbadmin command and a GUI will open. Then is only to follow the steps.
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  3. Can you add bungee-cord support, Since this is spigot after all xD
  4. I'm making a bungeecord support :D
  5. Is the inventory setup broken? Cause its not working when I click "Setup arena" ....
  6. I get a error in the console for PlayerInteractEvent for AdminGUI
  7. Yes , it's broken ;(
    This is the event that controls the inventory click , for example when I click "Setup arena" this event runs.
  8. Plugin excellent design, but an error occurs when players leave at the end of the game. So uh it is read by the restoration of the sand (the plots), I think it's for that reason. I hope in the next updates fix errors. I use the version 1.8.7 Spigot-for my server, but the only error that occurs is when they leave. Oh and also the use of the command / bb or / buildbattle, not because nothing happens, but / bbadmin or / buildbattleadmin any error, the GUI very well. Well I hope that such errors are resolved. Thank You. Sorry for my bad English.
  9. Well how am I suppose to set the arena up if the setup is broken?
  10. Download the plugin when the arena setup is fixed. Best way!
  11. Okay.
  12. Put the code on Github! :D

    MAJOR BUG: Please use p.updateInventory()! The hotbar arena setup is a pain!
    MAJOR BUG: Players can fly out of the arena. If you need my isInBounds util method to fix this let me know.
    SUGGESTION: A help menu?
    SUGGESTION: Messages.yml

    Will leave a review soon - five star, ofcourse!
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  13. hola no puedo setear las arenas solo me da 4 bloques que ago con esos estoy n spigot 1.7.10 #1649
  14. Hi!

    The Inventory GUI is bugged ONLY in some versions! If you use the latest spigot it works. So just update and you can use it. I will try to use p.updateInventory()! that suggested Sticket.

    I will fix the fly error, but you can put barriers, so the players can't get out
  15. The setup is easy, you just have to right click the blocks with out opening the inventory to set all the parametres. We will upload a better guide or a video as soon as possible
  16. I have already coded the custom messages support. If you want you can send my your translations so I can include them in next release.

    Messages (english): http://pastebin.com/fwbUJ6a5
  17. Hey awesome dude but i got 1 problem when the game stop's the arena does not reset :p Im using Craftbukkit 1.8.7.
  18. When the game finishes or whi the stop command? And with "arena does not reset" what do you mean? That you can't play again or that the blocks are not reset?

  19. When the game finishes, I cant play it again... The game is not resseting itself.