Spigot Super Craft Bros Reloaded 2.0.1

Super Craft Bros modified for 1.13+!

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    Super Craft Bros Reloaded - Super Craft Bros modified for 1.8!

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  2. Could you list the classes?
    The abilities?
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  3. Oh wow, completely forgot to list the classes. Will do that now, I'll take some videos/pictures when i get the chance as well.
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  4. Finally there is a 1.8 Smash Bros plugin! :D.
    But could you add an option in the config that you can't deal real damage? The damage is given in %. It starts with 0%. If you get hit it gets more, depending on your normal minecraft damage. And if you have more %, your knockback is higher than with lower % :). Like in the real smash bris game. If you could make this, it would be f*cking awsome! :).

    Add iould be aly awsome if you could add a feature for own classes. If it's possible with an ingame editor (for special items from other plugins :3 ).
    Than this plugin would be nearly perfect! :D.
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  5. I incorrectly replied earlier, the correct command is /scb setlobbyspawn. If the issue persists please let me know and I will look into it further.

    I'll see what I can do

    I've added a form to submit class ideas. If you have a class you would like added to the plugin, please fill out the form and I'll add it if/when I can.
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    Seems like a really interesting plugin, hoping that this meets my needs. I'll be trying to set this up very soon!
  7. Be sure to let me know how it goes, any feedback helps me improve the plugin!
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    Did you want to use the issue tracker on GitHub for managing your bugs? If so, I have a few things I'm trying to figure out right now. While setting up an arena last night, I was getting this stacktrace.

    Additionally, while the plugin was running, my console was being spammed with the world lighing – was this some kind of debug behavior?
  9. No clue why the original developer put "lighing" there but I've removed it. And I was able to replicate the bug by clicking a sign which listed a class not added in the plugin, so maybe your sign had the class name incorrect? I've added some code to make sure the class is included in the plugin and I'll upload the update once I finish working on adding support for percents.
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    Bug fixes and added test support for percents

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  11. Could you make this compatible with 1.5.2? please
  12. Bungee? Just wondering.
  13. Thank you

    I'm very sorry but it's not in my best interests to make this plugin support older versions, I can only guarantee functionality on 1.8

    This plugin is made to be run on a single server. You can have a server within a bungee network running this game but it will not work across multiple servers (like having lobby in one server and arenas in another, they have to all be on the same server).
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  14. can you add auto start by min players: like a arena with 4 player slots and if there are 2 players in the game will automatic start with custom time. and joins signs will be nice

    creating a sign (example):
    <arena id>

    end design (example):
    <arena id> - in config you can change the name for that id
    0/4 - for example the players in that arena and tne max players

    this will be very nice if you add this in
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  16. Make it so that you dont get teleported when you join. Or add a config option.
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    Hmmm, I can't really think of a usage case where not teleporting the server spawn on join wouldn't be preferential? Otherwise, what if someone disconnects in a match and reconnects the next day? Then they might be right in the center of a match and can sabotage the progress of other players.
  18. The user gets TPed whether he was in a match or not!