Spigot Super Horse VIP 1.1

This plugin is a horse vip Command!!

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    Super Horse VIP - This plugin is a horse vip Command!/Este es un plugin de Caballo VIP con comando !

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  2. Is it just me or has there been a sudden surge of Spanish users lately?
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  3. what is the problem?
  4. Can I suggest some features?
  5. Yes
  6. Ok thanks. Could you add the feature of where as soon as a player gets off the horse, the horse dies?
  7. if possible. But for now I am with new projects.
  8. Ok.
  9. Por favor, añade un translations.yml, para que podamos traducir los mensajes.
  10. Subire uno en español completo, no te preocupes! :D
  11. jflory7

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    Just shows that Spigot is continuing to grow and expand all over the world. :)
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  12. Is that.. I would put my own posts, my style.
    by the way, I saw like yours coming out with bats and others ProyectoZero plugin. (server.proyectozero.net)
    But with another command .. (/ horse).
    And with custom messages.
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  13. Then I add, for now I'm on a big project of garden plants vs zombies warfare ;)
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