Super laggy server help

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  1. Hi, I have a Minecraft server and its crazy laggy. Ive done almost all I can do and I cant seem to fix it. Here is a copy of my timings I have. If anyone can look at it and tell me how to fix this please let me know asap. Thanks!
  2. How much ram do you have for your server and how many plugins do you have along with worlds? About how many players and what type of server? If it is factions and there are a lot of tnt explosions it can contribute. We need more info in order to help :) There can be multiple things that lead to a laggy server.
  3. also make sure its from the server and not from the client.
  4. Its okay I figured out the problem. Thank you guys! :)
  5. Could you post what you found out to be the problem? This would make it easier for users to find if they have the same problem as you need help!
  6. Sure thing. All I did was I downloaded this plugin

    Ran the scan with /top it gives a list of what plugins are taking the most memory. For me it was Skript. So I deleted some of the big ones. Then I restarted my server and did /tps and the ticks were good. Also I did /top and the memory was good. So that's how you can resolve some lag issues. I hope I helped out...
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