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  2. This plugin seems so powerful... and I rarely look at other plugins and think I have to have that. I have contemplated getting this one... but it is still on the backburner for now. I run through bungee, and it looks, by your description, that the bungee implementation still needs work (?).

    I do have a few questions of importance though:

    What is the exact level of the programming? I don't have to worry about players finding some way to do crazy things to the server with this do I?

    In testing you have seen, what impact (if any) has there been on performance? I would hate to implement this and have to take it a way later if server resources do not warrant it.

    Say I make a sorting machine that is in a continuous operation, what happens when the chunk containing this console is unloaded? Will it continue to use it's operation even though it is dealing with things that are not actually 'there'?

    Someone makes an infinite loop... what happens? Will my server crash? or just this console instance? or none of the above (what ever magic that would be).