Bungee - Proxy SuperAntiAd - Bungee - Global 2.51

Global AntiAd that informs admins on the network!

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    SuperAntiAd - Bungee - Global - Global AntiAd that informs admins on the network!

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  2. nice plugin
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  3. Verry good plugin! Nice work
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  4. So like... if we test it on your server are we going to get banned?
  5. @SuperHuman
    Could you add a whitelist, so we can make sure certain domains/ip's aren't blocked?
  6. I will work on it.
  7. Hands down, the best anti advertising plugin out there! 10/10 on uniqueness, and quality. Great job Onti.
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  8. thank you! :)
  9. awesome plugin. great work dude!

    Is a white list enabled yet? I would like to allow people to share their youtube/twitch for example but there only seems to be a blacklist
  10. How would this work?
  11. Can you please add that all Messages are configurable?
    Best Block-Plugin I've ever seen! :)
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  12. So It lets people say like www.youtube.com and twitch.com and my websites url ? I used to use chat control - that has a url whitelist.
  13. That's what blacklisted sites are. http://gyazo.com/a3234aeccf4cf79e32a9d2b65a08f6f8 the plugin wont count
    - google.com
    - yahoo.com
    - youtube.com
    as advertising.
  14. Will work on it next update.
  15. Just so you know, that should be called a whitelist not a blacklist :)

    A blacklist is a list of banned items/people/things/permissions.

    A whitelist is a list of allowed items/people/things/permissions.