Spigot SuperBroadcaster 3.7

Send Hover-able and Clickable broadcasts to your players!

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    SuperBroadcaster - Send Hover-able and Clickable broadcasts to your players!

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  2. Hey, when I installed it, it was working, it was like one broadcast every 60 seconds. So I customized it and now the config looks like this:
    Code (Text):
    #Author GhostHacks

    #Minimum Online Players For Broadcasts, MUST Have At Least One Player Online!
    Min-Players: 1

    Prefix: ''

    #Interval Of Broadcast (Seconds)
    Interval: 900

    #Formating Codes are the same as ingame!
    #Seperate type by adding %command%(your command must include /) or %hover%(Your Hover Text) to the end of the word you with to add the event to!
    #MUST PUT THE ' Or Part Of Your Messages Will Be Cut Off!!!!!
    - '&aRecuerda que puedes cambiar tu skin con &6/skin change NombrePremium'
    - '&c[Atención] &aLa venta de spawners se encuentra suspendida debido a motivos de restructuración.'
    - '&aNo olvides unirte a nuestro grupo de &9Facebook&a: &6https://goo.gl/mbLscO'
    - '&c[Atención] &aTodas las warps serán removidas en los siguientes días. Guarda tus cosas importantes con /sethome Nombre'
    And now, no broadcast appear automaticly.
  3. May I Ask What You changed?
  4. The interval from 60 to 900. And I also added a third line for automatic broadcast.
  5. did you get an error in your console?
  6. Oh i'm sorry this is my fault i forgot to uncomment the code for normal messages
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  7. @Vreya Did The Last update Help You?
  8. The plugin seems to be useful for my server.
  9. It seems like a good idea!
  10. Is it possible that messages will be shown to select groups?
    for groups: Warriors, Gods, Vip-Level1 and Vip-Level2
    personalized messages for each group. ¿?
  11. Sorry its not i would have to put a whole lot of soft depends for different group/rank plugins