Superbvote - How to vote with it

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  1. Hi, so i have a question. How do players vote for the server with superbvote. When i voted with, it didnt work.
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  2. Hey,

    I checked the installation from the plugin and saw that you need to install votifier and set it up with your credentials from Did you follow this setup process already?
  3. No i didnt, the vid i watched didnt say i had to. tysm.
  4. I use nuvotifier, how do i set that up with
  5. First, you need to get a voting port open. Check the NuVotifier config and find where you set the port, default is 8192. If you have shared hosting, ask them to open a port for voting and change the config to reflect that number. If you're on your own machine, you can open the port yourself with:

    IPTables: sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 8192 -j ACCEPT
    UFW: ufw allow 8192

    ^ Just depends on the machine and what you use as your firewall. Regardless, that's the first step: open the port and configure NuVotifier to use that port.

    Then, when you go to add to a voting list, use the public key generated by NuVotifier. When you post your listing and enable voting, it should ask for the public key, IP, and port. All of that information which can be found in the NuVotifier folder.
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  6. Thank you, will use this