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A superb, flexible, lag-free Votifier listener

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    SuperbVote - A superb Votifier listener

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  2. Well, I like the look of where this is heading but at this present time there doesn't seem to be any documentation for it. I know there shall be some in time but I think i'll wait for that to come out before I think of switching so I know how it all works before I switch. However like I said I like how this is going and I cant wait to see how things end up with this!
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    I am currently writing the documentation. :)
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    Documentation has been written
  5. After going through the Documentation this plugin seems nearly or just as good as the old GAListener when everyone used it. Will certainly use this in the future :D
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    Next update is planned to offer better offline mode support and vote reminders! :)
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    Sneak peek for the next update!

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    Milestones? What do you mean? Recording and announcing all the votes done?

    Edit: I see what you mean now. Probably in an add-on.
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    Preliminary GAListener migration completed. I'd like to have someone test it to make sure it works with SQLite and MySQL and report any issues. I can't test it.

    In case you're interested (make sure to keep the GAListener database and configuration, use /sv migrate gal): https://minecraft.minimum.io/downloads/SuperbVote/SuperbVote-Test.jar
  11. Please add per-vote-count rewards, particularly a reward only given every x votes
    Furthermore an option where the vote expires after x votes and no more votes count towards x votes until the rewards have been redeemed on the server.

    Please let me know if further clarification is needed.
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    I do need further clarification. What should I do when the votes expire? Do you just want a limit on the number of queued votes per player, or an overall limit on votes per player?
  13. That would be fantastic, and exactly what I meant. Basically limit queued votes to x amount per player until the queued rewards are given to the online player.
  14. I'd love if we could use JSON for our messages. I have always wanted to condense voting messages to something like:

    {PLAYER} has just voted and received a reward!

    Where "voted" would display a hover box with more information like the website where they voted and maybe the player's vote count, and "reward" would display which rewards they received.

    Not sure on how possible that would be to implement. Hope you can get it done :)
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    Requires NMS ugliness to make it all work well. Might consider later.
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    Would it be difficult to support 1.7?
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    Helps to say what 1.7 you need :)

    Supporting Spigot 1.7 would involve some changes to the plugin, but I don't think it'll be as major as I originally thought.

    Supporting Java 1.7 would probably involve rewriting most of the plugin as I use a lot of Java 8 features.
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    I've added Spigot 1.7 (protocol hack only) support for the few people who still use it (but note that I am likely to drop this support in the future, as even PaperSpigot has deprecated it). I am unlikely to add Java 7 support however, this would require a ground-up rewrite.
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    SuperbVote 0.1.2

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