Spigot SuperCalculator 2.0.0

This is the best calculator in the minecraft universe!

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    SuperCalculator - This is the best calculator in the minecraft universe!

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  2. Maybe a gui with Numbers and +/-*=
  3. I'm going to add () in the next update. And if you didn't see the Upcoming section i was going to add a gui.
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  5. does it do powers or logs
  6. What do you mean? I think yes, because i have coded everything good. Example: 5 + ( -5 * 3 ) = -10
  7. like can I do 5^2 or log(10)
  8. Nope i have not added that yet. But first i need to make the total arguments longer of the calculation. Now is the maximum 7.
  9. Update is almost done. I did a full recode.
    Some new things:
    1. Sort of variables (When typing stack will come out as: 64, Minecraft Stacks are 64),(When typing ans or answer will come out as the last typed answer you calculated)
    2. You can now type in decimals: 5.3489 * 6.48 = 34.660872000000005
    3. See players last chatcalculations in config
    4. And much more!
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    SuperCalculator - Version 2.0.0

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