Spigot SuperCraftBros 1.3

Double0Negatives Plugin Modified.

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    SuperCraftBros - Double0Negatives Plugin Modified.

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  2. jflory7

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  3. Yes I removed BarAPI I was having troubles with getConfig()
  4. jflory7

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    md_5's iTag is the superior plugin. :)
  5. Ill actually use that in the v2 :D
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  6. Nice! You plan doing it like minecade ?

    I will be installing it to test it in half an hour
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  7. I will try to make it similar.
  8. A question, how is stable is the plugin?
  9. Idk everything works fine
  10. After installing the plugin getting this issue really often

    13.03 21:42:07 [Server] INFO lighing
    13.03 21:41:59 [Server] INFO lighing
    13.03 21:41:59 [Server] INFO lighing
    13.03 21:41:58 [Server] INFO lighing
    13.03 21:41:57 [Server] INFO lighing
  11. My console doesnt seem to do that.
  12. not let me create the sands requires another plugin or anything? use world edit but will not let me
  13. What?
  14. not let me create an arena :/
  15. Well
    Well install world edit-_-
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  16. Works per world? (Arenas on multiple worlds)
  17. I think so haven't tested that
  18. I just found the source of that issue and have pushed a patch over to the GitHub. That bug along with another 3 or 4 I found (as well as a few optimizations) have been put through and are just waiting for release.
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  19. and install world edit and no sand is created

    when i use the command. /scb leave crash my console