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  1. IT seems like your anti virus is detecting the jar as a virus, and cancelling your download.
  2. [QUOTE = "Ome_R, 게시물 : 3683980, 회원 : 25629"] IT에서 바이러스 백신이 병을 바이러스로 감지하여 다운로드를 취소 한 것 같습니다. [/ QUOTE]
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  3. Sorry?
  4. when you install them by someone with Op, but you can't install terracotta blocks for users without Op.
  5. I really don't understand what you're trying to say.
    Please join the discord and open a ticket
  6. is it possible to make a world like AcidIsland? That means, water and snow is poison.
  7. Sadly, this is not possible at this moment.
  8. How to limit island restart
  9. In your config, you can set limit for disbanding islands.
    If you want to update existing players counter, use /is admin setdisbands or /is admin givedisbands
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  11. oh i have a question
    i find the player not in my island can open my mod's chest and gui
    and they can get my item

    how can i resolve the question
  12. In the permissions menu, every island leader can change permissions etc.
    You can read more about it here:
  13. Can I set the sound when open control-panel and back previous page sound?
  14. You can make buttons to make sounds, yes
  15. How about the open control-panel? /is cp
    And do the same without using back butter?
  16. Join the discord and open a ticket, I will help you there :)
  17. I could add a coin in the plugin that would be used to buy upgrades for the island, it would be something else.

    Currently what is the function of the money that is deposited in the island's bank?
  18. Vault's economy
  19. I meant that you could add a new currency to that
  20. chatting >> [superiorskyblock] calculating all islands done << How to remove