Spigot SuperTrails 9.9 [Spigot 1.8-1.15]

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    kvq updated SuperTrails with a new update entry:

    1.13 Update!

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  2. ....i waited for it. :) its a fun plugin
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  3. When I activate Rain Effects the effects also spawn with their ID's. How can I fix it? Thanks.
  4. Trail perms are broken, such as trail.colors/ or probably not listed correctly. Trail perms are all over the place, I think.
  5. kvq


    I don't see trail.colors to be listed anywhere on plugin page.
    Right one is trail.fun, same as config node.
  6. Ah ok, it's just that I thought it would be trail.colors because of this:

    - http://prntscr.com/kqb5sm

    It's kinda confusing to figure it out.
  7. They're all in order, I just realized that. oml
  8. I've wondered about this for quite some time as well. :oops::unsure:
  9. kvq


    Theres 1.8-1.13 support, some trails are unavailable on older mc versions. Since most of the servers runs 1.8, its 25 in the default config.
    This line is changable anyway, so problem solved.
    Code (Text):
    UnlockedParticle: "&e!Count!/25"
  10. i have the plugin but whats the permissions for this plugin can you help me??
  11. whats the permissions for this plugin???
  12. Is it possible to create custom trails in the config custom like a potato rain? Unfortunately I did not find anything
  13. Hi, I've problem with using supertrails on 1.13.1 b319 paperspigot server. I can take items off the gui and its not working :/ There arent any errors in console.
  14. kvq


    Yes, I've seen your message. I checking what could cause this problem, hope it will be resolved soon.
  15. In the latest build the Splash particle trail doesn't seem to work. I can click the icon in the gui but it doesn't do anything.
  16. Using on 1.13 and works only Block Trails and Rain Trails - others not visible