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Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

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    Please pm me if you find any bugs or need help!​
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  2. So let's say I have a plugin that hooks into VanishNoPacket.
    If I remove VanishNoPacket and use SuperVanish instead, will it work or no?
  3. Is VanishNoPacket an optional dependency? If Yes there should be no problem if no
    the plugin will cause an error because it doesn't find VanishNoPacket.
    However, you could use both SuperVanish and VanishNoPacket. Just use SuperVanish to vanish and let the other plugin use VanishNoPacket.
  4. Yes, it is an optional dependency. Let's say there is a plugin that adds color to player nametags, and it has a feature where it colors your nametag X color if you're vanished using VanishNoPacket.
    Will it also work with SuperVanish?
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  5. SuperVanish would change the nametag when you vanish and can restore a name you can define in messages.yml when you reappear.
    The only issue I can suggest is that you won't have the "vanishtabname" when you rejoin. Turning HideDelay on should fix that with a few side effects.
    Edit: You don't have to turn HideDelay on SuperVanish delays it anyway.
    The other plugin wouldn't know that you're vanished and would ignore it.
    If the plugin auto-updates your nametag it doesn't work.
    If the plugin you're talking about has an api I could directly hook into it
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  6. Good plugin excellent men I'll put it on my server in fact is very well made plugin does not give me errors!
  7. Thank you! That encourages me to make more updates.
  8. will you be updating for 1.8?
  9. Doesn't it work in 1.8? Works fine on my server. Any stacktraces?
  10. How about EchoPet.. would it work with that?
    For example, let's say I have a pet and I enter /v.
    Will the pet disappear? And does it support BungeeCord (hides vanished players from /glist and the serverlist playercount of the proxy)?
  11. I'm working on EchoPet-support, but I can't test it, because EchoPet doesn't work on Spigot 1.8.
    I don't think there is a way to hide players from /glist. If you server really has so many players that it needs bungeecord I don't think that your players will be able to figure out which players are vanished.
    I've never used the bungeecord api so I don't know how to change the playercount of the proxy, but I'll look at it.
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  12. As long as player.isInvisible() returns true, a player's pet should automatically disappear.
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  13. Would the pet automatically reappear when the player reappears, too?
    If so, that would make my whole echopet-code completely useless, lol.
  14. Yeah, it does ;p

    I know that it currently works for VanishNoPacket and Essentials (and possibly others that I haven't tested), so it should work right out of the box for yours too.
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  15. blah, it really does xD
    Looking forward to release v5.0 soon, guys!
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  16. MyzelYam updated SuperVanish with a new update entry:

    Major update which adds a lot of new features and improvements

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. Does this remove the bubble effect?
  18. Of course it does! I only use the invisibility potion to get the ghost player effect.
  19. It would be great if you added an option which lets the invisible player open chests silently
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  20. Already tried to implement that a few times, but the result was always that im either just too stupid to do it or it's just impossible.
    I might give it another go using the new spigot api of the InventoryClickEvent.